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Calling All Young Artists: Unleash Your Creativity in our Arts and Crafts Class!

Are you ready to dive into a world of colors, imagination, and endless possibilities? Look no further than our children’s arts and crafts class, where budding artists can explore their creativity, learn new techniques, and bring their wildest ideas to life!

In our arts and crafts class, kids will have the opportunity to delve into a variety of captivating crafts. From painting and sculpting to designing and crafting, every session is filled with exciting projects that will ignite their imaginations and unleash their artistic talents.

We believe in providing the best experience for your child, which is why each young artist is provided with their very own set of non-toxic art supplies. With brushes, paints, clay, and more, they’ll have everything they need to create masterpieces that are as vibrant as their imaginations.

But it’s not just about the art – we understand the importance of play and nourishment. That’s why we provide dedicated break times during each class, where kids can socialize with their friends, engage in imaginative play, and enjoy healthy snacks and beverages. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to recharge, refuel, and bond with their fellow artists.

Each class lasts an hour, allowing ample time for kids to fully immerse themselves in the world of arts and crafts. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, they’ll learn new techniques, explore different mediums, and discover the joy of expressing themselves through art.

Arts and crafts not only encourage creativity but also nurture important skills such as problem-solving, fine motor skills, and self-expression. Our arts and crafts class offers the perfect platform for your child to develop these essential qualities while having a blast.

We Will Try to Add Something Beautiful to This Beautiful World.

All art class sessions will be accompanied by storytelling

Children get to know these concepts in the form of stories:

1- History of Art:

In these sessions:

I will introduce famous artists of the world with a puppet show and explain their painting style. After this, the children try to experience that method. For example, Vincent van Gogh tried to show happiness sadness, and energies in his paintings. After looking at his paintings, the children try to show their emotions in the art, Frida Kahlo painted many self-portraits to introduce herself. Children draw portraits of their faces.

2- Environmental Experiences:

In these sessions:

We try to look more carefully and differently around us and discover those things that seem insignificant. The artist can introduce important and unseen corners to the world. Children look at nature and the environment and draw the result of their discoveries.

3-Ancient Stories

All the ancient cultures of world history have interesting stories and legends, and knowing them will increase the creativity of children’s minds and their interest in history and study. I tell these stories most simply with puppets and shadow shows to the children, and I ask them to draw these stories. Stories from Ancient Greece, Ancient Iran, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India and Ancient China.
These stories prepare children’s minds to make their own stories.

4- Occasions & Events

In our daily lives, we have a lot of personal and public occasions that children like to react to.

I will try in this direction.

And I want them to show their excitement about these days with art. Celebrations, birthdays, Christmas, and National Day.

5-Free Days

We dedicate days a year to free art. These days, children draw on any subject they like, whatever they are interested in and think about.
And the most important thing:

Art class is a creativity class, discovery class, liberation, happiness, and finding treasures.

I’m not teaching art to your kids. I’m raising them to be inquisitive.

Nazanin Aygani

From our art teacher to our parents.

To dear parents:

Greetings, dear parents! I am Nazanin Aygani, an author, storyteller, and illustrator of children’s books. For the past 23 years, I have also been teaching children’s art and creativity. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my experience and love with your children at A-Z School.

Let me take you back to a childhood memory of mine. When I was young, before the New Year, my mother would ask my sister and me to clean our room. As we cleaned the bookshelves, she would play nice and calming music, and we would work together, washing dolls’ clothes and tidying up the doll’s house.

During this time, my mother used to tell us something magical – she said that as we cleaned the book covers, the stories would come alive, playing and dancing with us. We imagined characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and The Cat in Boots dancing around us. Those moments made us realize how much stories add sweetness and joy to the world, bringing creativity and happiness.

Now, as a mother myself, I continue to cherish these stories with my little son. We clean the book covers together, and we dance and laugh with characters like the “Ugly Duckling” and many others from the books. These experiences have taught me that stories and art make the world safe, beautiful, and sweet. It has been my life’s mission to pass this joy on to children.
In 2008, I was honored to receive the Gold Award for the best method of creative education for children before elementary school. I am also writing a book to share my teaching method with other educators. I have authored and illustrated 20 children’s books, with five of them receiving awards.

I am excited to be a part of your children’s journey and to experience the joy of creating art together, fostering curiosity, happiness, and deeper thinking. Let’s inspire them to add something beautiful to this world that we all love.

Nazanin Aygani
July 2023

So why wait? Join our arts and crafts family today and watch your child’s creativity soar to new heights. Whether they’re painting a masterpiece, molding clay into fantastic shapes, or creating something entirely unique, our class will be a canvas for their imagination. Come and unleash your creativity with us!