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Tune into excellence as we harmonize your musical talents.

Harmonize your world with the power of music. Every note you play is a step closer to expressing your soul, and we’re here to foster that journey. With seasoned maestros by your side, we aim to fine-tune your musical abilities to perfection. Let your melodies resonate, and trust us to amplify your potential.

– Piano Lessons

Artists Make the World a Better Place to Live

Students will learn the basic knowledge of music, including:
Rhythm concepts and an introduction to music notes.

Children will learn:

  • Understand the rhythm of their body, such as the hands, feet, fingers, and mouth (BODY PERCUSSION).
    BODY PERCUSSION is the term used to describe the use of the body as an instrument to create rhythmic sounds.
  • Play rhythmic songs with percussion instruments.
  • The basic knowledge of music theory through a variety of activities and games.
    Notes reading
  • To play Xylophone (older students)
  • Different types of musical instruments, such as String, Wind, Percussion

To better convey the music concepts to children, stories, painting, and visual arts are used.

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