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Ashley White

Ms. Ashley White
Ashley White is a dedicated leader in children’s fitness and dance, having crafted an enriching program that brings the joy of fitness and dance to children aged 2-12 years across the DMV area. With over 15 years of experience in the childcare field, she stands out as a true expert in creating a nurturing and engaging environment for young learners.

Ashley’s journey in the world of performing arts began in Pennsylvania, where she delved deep into the world of dance and honed her skills as a performer. It was here that she combined her love for dance with her passion for working with children, discovering her true calling. She aimed to teach on a child’s level, making every minute of class a fun-filled adventure.

With a unique blend of expertise in dance and childcare, Ashley has crafted a teaching style that doesn’t just develop physical abilities in children but also instills in them a love for movement and self-expression. Each of her classes is designed to spark the imagination of young minds, allowing them to explore the world of fitness and dance in a manner that’s both enlightening and thrilling.

Deeply committed, Ashley strives to provide unparalleled experiences for every child she interacts with. She recognizes the significance of a supportive and inclusive space where children can bolster their confidence, sharpen their skills, and unveil their latent talents.

The moment your child walks into one of Ashley’s classes, they’re met with warmth, zest, and an undeniable passion for nurturing their growth. Be it their twirls on the dance floor, their zeal during fitness drills, or their immersion in imaginative play, Ashley’s sessions promise to profoundly influence their physical, emotional, and creative facets.

Guided by Ashley’s exuberance and direction, your child is set on a voyage of self-discovery, self-expression, and sheer happiness. Experience the enchantment of Ashley’s sessions at A to Z Fun Place!

Mehrdad Teymoori

Music Teacher
Mehrdad Teymoori
Musician and Conductor

Mehrdad Teymoori, the founder and conductor of the Pars Recorder Orchestra and Shargh Chamber Orchestra. With 25 years of experience teaching music to children and adults, he is also a Piano and Recorder teacher. He has taught through private lessons and public classes, and since 1998, he has focused on specializing in teaching music to children.

Mehrdad Teymoori teaches children the rhythm and alphabet of music through play, storytelling, speech, movement and dance, and interactive activities. This is based on using innovative creative methods and attitudes such as Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, and Suzuki.

In his classes, different instruments in the orchestra are introduced to children, and their talent is identified according to various indicators.

Description of training topics:

  • Getting to know the sounds and musical alphabet
  • Familiarity with musical rhythms
  • Playing Xylophone
  • Rhythmic games
  • Familiarity with music theory using games and stories
  • Playing the flute recorder
  • Hearing training
  • Instrumentation
  • Band playing
  • Stage performance

His music education consists of three important stages:

  • Sense of Music
  • Music education
  • Music science (musical logic)

In this way, in the beginning, we activate the musical sense of the child through children’s music games and stories, and in the next step, we go to music education in the last step, we teach children the science of music.

One of his interesting works is the formation of an orchestra of his students who have become fully professional orchestras over the years of education and play beautiful pieces of classical music.

Mehrdad is a member of the American Recorder Society and has completed several master’s courses in the United States, Germany, and France. “The Recorder as an Instrument of Peace” is the title of the article he has written in American Recorder Magazine (Winter 2012). Many of his former students have performed in orchestras around the world. Throughout the years, a significant number of music teachers have participated in Mehrdad’s music training courses and have attended his classes as an assistant.