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Help Your Children Grow Holistically with Music


Music has been a notable part of human life, regardless of age. For children, in particular, studies say music supports faster brain development and hones valuable skills. This is why as trusted event planners in Maryland, A To Z Fun Place aims to engage children in music through our private piano lessons.

So, if you are planning for your upcoming kids parties and events in Potomac, Maryland, add music to your celebration. Here’s why:

  • Music Sharpens Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    Your party place for kids should involve learning to play instruments like the piano ? the simple tapping or hand-moving can develop body coordination. This builds the brain connections that are vital during your child’s developmental phase.
  • Music Enriches Imagination and Creativity
    Music has been shown to help babies develop communication skills through simple babbling or sound-play. This, in turn, refines their vocabulary and allows them to mimic what they hear to understand the world around them. You can also make music more fun ? have it in your birthday party place for kids Rockville MD!
  • Music Promotes Belongingness
    Indeed, music is cultural. So, if you are new to a community, playing music helps your child as well as other children to experience a fraction of your culture. This eventually promotes a sense of belongingness and inclusivity. Just make sure to give them a safe space to learn from others’ cultures by finding the right party place for children’s birthday party.

Let us help you make your children’s party a success and incorporate music into your celebration. Our kids event planning and private piano lessons will surely be a memorable one for your little ones!

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